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Best Hair Straightening Creams in India – 2021



Quick Overview

Straight hair is a dream come true for a majority of women. There is no better style statement than a runway straight and smooth hair. The sleekness and stylish look of straight hair require no introduction. It is a head-turner and an effortless hairstyle that spells elegance and sophistication. Straight hair is a good look for all occasions be it casual, formal, or semi-formal. You can never go wrong with straight hair. The only problem is in achieving the straight locks.

Managing curly, frizzy, and naturally, unruly hair is a nightmare. Even if your hair is naturally straight it still has flyways and slightly wavy strands. Getting these down to a smooth and sleek look is generally is a long-drawn-out process involving hairdryers and straightening tools. Needless to say, this is a time-consuming job that is not easy to include in your daily routine. You need a hair routine that is quick and easy when you are on the go. This is where the hair straightening creams come to the rescue.

Hair straightening creams not only smoothen out your hair to give you that lovely sleek and straight look but also protect and nourish your hair. Using heat on the hair tends to make it dry and brittle. A good hair straightening cream can easily help reverse this heat damage making your hair healthier and more manageable. The trick is in finding the right kind of hair straightening cream. This buyer’s guide and review will help you pick out the best hair straightening cream for yourself from the top straightening creams in the market.



  • Suitable for all hair types
  • Works on high resistant hair well
  • Gives a high gloss finish


  • Has a high chemical level
  • Has a two-step process that needs extensive hot iron use to set the straightening effect

L’Oreal is a very popular brand for hair care products. The company is known for high-quality hair care products with good results. The L’Oreal Paris Xtenso Straightening Cream is a great straightening cream that gives you smooth hair with minimal effort. This cream is suitable for stubborn and high resistant hair as well but does not work with curly hair.

The cream comes as a pack of two, one is the straightening cream and the other is the neutralizer. The cream needs to be applied to the hair and washed off after 15 to 20m minutes. This needs to be followed with a hot iron after the hair has dried. The neutralizer also needs to be applied on the hair post the cream washing application to moisture the hair and prevent the straightening cream chemicals from making your hair brittle and damaged. This gives you sleek hair with no frizz and a high glossy look. 



  • Detangles hair and makes it more manageable
  • Has a great fragrance
  • Contains organic silicone solvents


  • Has a runny consistency
  • Difficult to wash off

The Streax Pro Hair Straightener Cream Intense is a great straightening cream. It contains silicone solvents in its formulation that make your hair smoother and more manageable without weighing it down unnecessarily. Another great thing about the Streax Pro Straightening cream is that it is waterproof. This means that the cream stays longer in the hair and gives you longer results than most other straightening creams. The straightening cream is also a good conditioner that helps nourish and moisture your hair giving you healthy locks. 



  • Keratin-infused formula for better hair health
  • Retains hair volume and body
  • Does not weigh down the hair


  • Not effective on curly hair or resistant hair
  • The effect does not last for more than 24 to 36 hours

The Schwarzkopf Professional Glatt No. 0 is another amazing hair straightening cream. The brand Schwarzkopf requires no introduction in the hair care platform. It is a household name that is known for good premium quality hair care products with optimal results. This straightening cream is specifically designed to tackle the natural waviness and frizz in the hair to give you the smooth straight look you want.

Unlike other straightening creams the Schwarzkopf Professional Glatt No. 0 is a relatively light formulation that gives you more of a natural straight look than the weighed down super straight look. The cream retains the hair volume to give you straight hair that has bounce and body along with smoothness. The cream has a Keratin care complex infused formulation that not only smoothens the hair but also reenergizes it for healthier and stronger hair.



  • Long-lasting result for up to 5 days with no washing or braiding
  • Has a pleasant fragrance that wears off quickly
  • Makes hair silky soft to touch


  • Does not work on stubborn or resistant hair

Another great straightening cream from L’Oreal brand is its Studio Line Silk & Gloss Hot Straight Cream. This straightening cream has an added advantage over the others in the market. It offers heat protection along with straightening results. The product contains micro silk fibers that bond to your hair making it silky smooth and straight. It also gives you a long-lasting result for up to 5 days with no braiding or washing.

Further, the straightening cream leaves your hair well moisturized so that it does not become dry and brittle. It also works to maintain the body and texture of the hair. Most straightening creams will smoothen out your hair but leave it limp and lifeless in the process. The L’Oreal Paris Studio Line Silk & Gloss Hot Straight Cream makes your hair straight without stripping it of the natural liveliness.



  • Controls humidity-induced frizz and waves
  • Easy application with a thick consistency
  • Bold and attractive packaging


  • Tends to make hair sticky

The TIGI brand is a relatively new entrant in the hair care products market. Even so, it has managed to carve a niche for its products with the customers due to their amazing results and competitive pricing. Another great factor is the bold color packaging that TIGI believes in. Their targeted market is the upcoming generation and they do not shy away from tapping into the vibrancy. This is also the first thing you notice about TIGI Bed Head Straighten Out 98% Humidity-Defying Straightening Cream.

The straightening cream comes in an attractive orange colored stylish bottle with a trendy yellow flip button tapered top that screams for your attention the minute you hit the aisle. The cream does a great job at smoothening all the frizz and making your hair manageable. It is meant for natural humidity-induced frizz and keeps your hair from curling up for a good 48 hours. This is a high-performance cream with powerful thermosetting polymers that bind to your hair making it straight. The cream is heat-activated and carries a pleasant fragrance.



  • Works well to smoothen out hair even in high humid conditions
  • Can be used just as a straightening serum for normal wavy hair without any heat activation
  • Bold and attractive packaging


  • The straightening effect tends to wear off quickly as compared to other products

This Keratin Complex Infusion Cream is a super easy straightening cream that gives you great results instantly. It is a lightweight non-greasy cream that does not weigh the hair down and keeps your volume intact. This straightening cream does not require you to use any heat tool to set it in place or activate it. Blow-dry is recommended for an absolute straight look but you can easily dispense of the heat for a smooth look that is more natural and healthier for your hair especially if you are concerned about heat damage. This formulation contains keratin and emollients for sleeker and shinier hair that stays smooth till your next wash.



  • Suitable for all hair types including curly hair
  • Comes with a neutralizer cream to minimize hair damage
  • Contains essential oils for hair nourishment


  • Results do not last for long

If you are looking for a strong hair straightening cream that works well with curly and stubbornly resistant hair then the Oxyglow Herbals Hair Straightener is the right fit for you. This is a strong straightening cream that works very well with all types of hair especially curly hair. Apart from straightening your hair this cream also protects your hair against harmful UV light and any heat damage.

Apart from this, the straightening cream has a formulation that is rich in essential oils. This conditions and nourishes your hair while straightening it hence preventing your hair from damage.

Hair Straightening Creams Vs Other Methods

Hair straitening creams are a boon to get the straight sleek look you are after without damaging your hair too much. Other alternatives to straight hair include straightening tools that use heat or chemical treatments that change the basic structure of your hair strands. Both these alternatives damage your hair and are not recommended for daily use. Some reasons to embrace the hair straightening creams in your schedule include:

  • Saves your hair from heat damage caused by the hair straightening tools like flat iron, straightening brush, hair presser, etc.
  • Does not change the hair structure to make it straight. It simply bonds with the hair on the outside and does not alter the basic elemental hair composition like chemical treatments.
  • It makes hair more manageable by smoothening the frizz and taking away all the flyways.
  • Hair straightening creams nourish and moisturize your hair along with smoothening it.
  • These straightening creams add a layer of shine and gloss to the hair. This makes your hair look cover-ready and gives you a great look to carry through the day.
  • It is a temporary product and has no long-lasting implications for your hair. Hair straightening creams are easily removed by simply washing your hair.
  • Unlike permanent treatments like hair bonding and permanent straightening, hair straightening creams do not require any special post-application care. Hence these creams are very user-friendly and low on maintenance. You just have to apply, style, and be on your way with smooth straight hair.

Step By Step Guide to Correctly Apply Hair Straightening Cream

A product is only as good as its application. You might buy the best hair straightening cream in the market but if you do not apply it correctly you will not get the result you are looking for. For optimal results, you need to know how to apply your hair straightening cream so that you do not unnecessarily mess up your hair. One consolation with hair straightening creams is that it does not damage your hair like straightening tools which can burn your hair. If you do goof up with the cream then simply take a quick head wash to remove it.

To avoid this, you might want to follow an easy process and keep certain things in mind. This will give you optimal results and ensure that you have a hassle-free hair straightening cream application experience. Step by step process to using your hair straightening cream is given below:

  • Before you do anything to your hair be it blow-drying, styling, or using any hair products you should always ensure that your hair is clean. You do not want to use a hair straightening cream or any other hair product for that matter on dirty oily hair. It will just weigh down your hair and make it stick to your face in a lifeless ugly fashion. So, wash your hair or use dry shampoo to give it the desired freshness before you use these straightening creams
  • You need to apply the cream to damp hair for best results. After wash scrunches up your hair in the towel to remove any excess water and let it come to a damp state. If your hair has too much water in it then the cream will not stick to the strands. It is a good idea to soak in all the water with your towel and then let your hair air dry for 5 minutes before you apply the hair straightening cream.
  • Damp hair is generally full of knots and tangles. You need to remove all the knots and detangle your hair before you apply the cream. Brushing will help you get rid of the tangles and prep your hair for the cream as well. Just be careful that you brush lightly and do not stress out your hair strands with vigorous brushing. Wet hair is very brittle and tends to break easily so go easy on your hair.
  • Take a coin-sized amount of your hair straightening cream in your hand and rub it between your palms to spread it. Then apply the cream gently to your strands. Start from the top of your head and work your way down to the tips. Keep adding to the cream as per your need. It is better to work with a little cream at a time rather than piling up on the cream. This way you can work the cream in sections of your hair for an even application without fear of overloading a particular spot.
  • Post application you should finger-comb your hair a few times to make sure you have the cream uniformly in your hair. This also helps in keeping your strands separate rather than getting stuck together. For a better application, you should try brushing your hair with an oiling or shampoo brush. If you do not have these just use a regular wide-spaced brush to separate your strands and spread the cream through all your strands.
  • Now you need to blow dry your hair and secure the cream into your strands. For this, you have to section your hair with a middle partition and two side partitions on either side. If you have a thicker volume to long length then you might want to make more sections. This will make it easier to blow-dry.
  • Keep your roller brush under the top of your hair in the lowest section you have made. As you blow-dry roll the bush from the top of your head to the tips. As the heat dries your hair it will also activate the straightening cream to remove all the frizz, waves, and flyways that you have. You can then give your hair the style you want.
  • Continue with the blow-drying until all the sections are done and your hair is completely dry.

For Wash Out Straightening Creams

These creams are the easier version of the straightening creams. You simply need to apply the cream uniformly over your hair strands taking care not to apply it to your scalp. After that let the cream rest in the hair for 15 to 20 minutes or as per the user manual. Then you wash off the cream with water and your usual shampoo routine.

Pros and Cons of Using Hair Straightening Creams

Hair straightening creams have a great advantage over other straightening methods. There are a lot of benefits to using a good hair straightening cream. These are listed below:

Extra Protection

Hair straightening creams provide a layer over your hair strands. This layer helps nourish and protect your hair by locking in the moisture in the cuticles and preventing heat damage. It coats the hair strands and ensures that the basic structure of the hair remains untouched with heat application, pollution exposure, and other harmful things that might result in dryness and brittle hair.

Time and Cost-Efficient

Everyone likes to have straight hair. However, getting your hair straightener can be a costly affair. Aside from the cost, it can also be a very lengthy and time-consuming process. A good hair straightening cream will give you the same results in a fraction of the cost and time.

Low Maintenance

Aside from the cost and time efficiency, hair straightening creams are also very low maintenance. You do not have to take any extra care or precaution with these creams. You just apply, blow-dry, and you are good to go. No extra fussing or protection and care are needed.

Nourishes and Nurtures

A good hair straightening cream not only straightens and smoothens your hair it also gives your hair the much-needed moisture boost. These creams lock in the moisture in your hair which gives it a glossier healthier look. This moisture lock is especially helpful for dull and brittle hair strands.


Just like any other product, there are certain cons to using hair straightening creams as well. The negative effects of using hair straightening creams are very less compared to other methods but it is helpful to know these cons so that you can make an informed choice.

Chemicals and Silicones

Hair straightening creams bond on the outside of the hair strands and smoothens it when activated by heat. This smoothening effect is achieved because of the chemical and silicones present in the creams. These silicones suppress the frizz and the natural waves of the hair to make it appear straighter. However, these chemicals and silicones are damaging to the hair and over time can cause brittleness and dryness.

Heat Damage

Even though straightening creams do not directly use heat, they need heat to activate and show results. These creams need to be applied to the damp hair and then the hair needs to be blow-dried for the effect to take place. This means that you will be exposing your hair to heat just that the heat exposure is considerably less than other straightening methods. Also, there is no pulling of the hair involved so it is a lot less stressful on the strands.

Allergies and Break-outs

All hair straightening creams have a chemical base. This might cause you to have an adverse allergic reaction to the cream. You should always do a patch test first before you use the cream to ensure that you are not allergic to any of its components.

Things to Keep in Mind While Buying Straightening Cream

Lightweight Formula

Look for a straightening cream that has a lightweight formulation. Most straightening creams are too heavy for the locks. They make your hair feel weighed down and give you a straight but dull and lifeless look. It is better to go for a formulation that will straighten your hair but also add bounce and volume to it.

Extra Nourishing Ingredients

A lot of hair straightening creams come loaded with extra nourishing ingredients like jojoba oil, keratin complex, and other moisturizing components that help nourish your hair to make it healthier while making it smoother and straighter. These creams are better than the other non-nourishing creams in the market.


The composition of the straightening cream determines the efficiency of the product. You should look for straightening creams that have a high keratin percentage in their formulation. This will ensure that the cream gives you optimal long-lasting results. Other ingredients to look out for are silicones, cetrimonium chloride, hydrolyzed wheat protein, and Cyclopentasiloxane.

Heat Protection

Straightening creams get activated with heat. Therefore, it is imperative that you buy a cream that offers heat protection alongside the usual straightening and smoothening result. This will protect your hair from the heat in the blow-drying process involved in the hair straightening process.

Buy According to Your Hair Type

There are lots of hair straightening creams in the market. You need to buy one that is specific to your hair type and your hair concerns. A straightening cream meant for curly hair will be too strong to be used on normal frizzy hair. Similarly, if you use a straightening cream for normal hair to straighten curly hair then you will not get the smooth look you want. Some creams are suitable for short hair and others have a lighter composition specifically meant for taming long hair without weighing it down. So, you need to concentrate on buying a straightening cream that is meant for your hair type.

Colored Hair

If you have colored hair, be it global color or just simple highlights you should only use straightening creams that are suitable for colored hair. Such creams will ideally have color protecting ingredients in their formulation to prevent your color from fading out.

Bottom Line

Straight hair is an amazing look to sport. It goes well as a day look and is a smashing party style to sport as well. There are plenty of ways to achieve straight hair but the most cost effective and least time-consuming method is the hair straightening cream. These creams give you a natural straight look with minimal effort. They not only help with the smoothening bit also help protect your hair against heat and other damages. So, get your hands on one of these straightening creams to get the smooth and sleek hair look everyone will admire you for.

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