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Best Shampoo for Colored Hair in India – 2021



Quick Overview

There is nothing like freshly colored hair to jazz up your looks and take that style statement up a notch. It is a fun way to change your look and keep it interesting. Hair plays a big part in the way you look and feel. Hair coloring not only adds dimension to the otherwise boring hairstyles but also helps in making you look younger and more vibrant. With all the trouble you go through in coloring your hair be it full color, extensions, or simply a strand block color, you will naturally want the color to remain just as gorgeous as the first time you stepped out of the salon. Unfortunately, over time the color you chose tends to fade off into a dull overtone version instead of the vibrant hue, it was meant to be.

It is natural for the color to fade over time, even permanent hair colors only last for some months before they too start fading. But that does not mean that you cannot prolong their life. There is a simple way of preserving the precious vibrancy of your colored tresses and it starts with choosing the right shampoo for your colored hair. The right kind of shampoo will not only add months to the brilliant hue of your hair color, but it will also provide the much-needed nourishment to your hair repairing the damage caused to its health from the chemicals involved with coloring. You can save your hair and your hair color from premature fading with the right shampoo. The trick is to find the right shampoo. This guide will help you get the best shampoo for your colored and hair. There is also a review of the top shampoos in the market for colored hair to make it even easier for you to choose.



  • Thick constituency and lathers well
  • Contains Linseed oil for extra nourishment
  • Smoothens hair and makes it soft


  • Has harmful SLS’s, parabens, and other chemicals

Colored hair requires extra conditioning and nourishment. For this reason, you need a shampoo that protects your hair color and gives ample moisturization to the hair. L’Oreal is well known and is one of the leading haircare brands globally. The L’Oreal Paris Color Protect Shampoo is a great hair color shampoo that is designed specifically for colored hair. The shampoo is excellent at giving good nourishment to the hair and protecting your hair color against pre-mature fading. The shampoo gives you color protection for 30 washes. It also filters the harmful UV rays to protect your hair and hair color thereby accentuating the color vibrancy.

This specially designed formula is infused with Linseed oil to give your hair a smooth and silky texture that is often compromised with hair coloring. The shampoo also helps maintain the scalp health and prevents it from dryness.


  • Contains Linseed oil for conditioning
  • Protects hair against UV damage
  • Restores the smoothness and silkiness of the hair texture
  • Prevents hair from dryness and brittleness
  • Gives color protection for 30 washes
  • Has a pleasant fragrance


    • Formulated with special color freeze technology to lock in color
    • Free from harmful sulphates
    • Mild formula suitable for daily use


    • It is a bit on the expensive side
    • Does not lather well

    When it comes to hair you do not want to go with an anonymous brand. Schwarzkopf is a very popular hair products brand that is known for its quality and well-formulated products. The Schwarzkopf Professional Bonacure pH4.5 Color Freeze Shampoo is one such product from the brand that will not disappoint you. It is designed with a patented color lock technology that preserves the hair color. This Cell Perfector Technology coats the hair fiber to essentially seal the hair from the outside while freezing the color pigmentation on the inside. This not only preserves the hair color but also prevents environmental damage from fading the hair color. The shampoo further re-adjusts the hair pH value to 4.5 keeping it healthy and strong.

    The shampoo also contains hydrolysed keratin protein and vitamin B5 that deeply moisturizes the hair and smoothens the rough texture. Vitamin B5 also aids in making the hair stronger from the roots while the gentle formulation mildly cleans the scalp for cleaner impurity-free hair. It is also enriched with Stem Code Complex that helps in hair regrowth and vitamin B3 derivative that further enhances the hair structure.


        • Formulated with Cell Perfector Technology to freeze color in hair
        • Adjusts the hair pH level to an optimal 4.5
        • Enriched with hydrolysed keratin protein, vitamin B5, and vitamin B3
        • Designed with Stem Code Complex to reinforce hair growth
        • Smoothens hair and makes it softer
        • Gentle formula is suitable for daily wash
        • Free from sulfate 

    TIGI Bed Head Colour Goddess Oil Infused Shampoo


    • It is a vitamin-enriched formula for good hair care
    • Infused with the goodness of coconut and almond oil for extra nourishment
    • Has a pleasant fragrance


    • Contains SLS’s and other chemicals
    • Carries a premium price tag

    TIGI is a new haircare brand entrant in the market. It has managed to gain wide popularity in a short time because of its excellent result-driven products. The TIGI Bed Head Color Goddess Oil Infused Shampoo is a lovely shampoo that does an amazing job at giving fresh life to your hair color. This shampoo protects your hair color against fading and helps revive your old, faded hair color as well through its oil-infused formula. The shampoo contains the goodness of both coconut oil and almond oil that combine to penetrate the hair shaft and conditioning it from the inside out. It also helps restore the shine and gloss to your hair giving it an added dimension.

    This specially designed formulation for colored hair comes enriched with pro-vitamin B5, vitamin E, and essential keratin protein to ensure that your tired and stresses out tresses get the maximum nutrition possible. This blend helps hair gain back its tensile strength making it lee brittle and more vibrant.


    • Special formulation containing pro-vitamin B5, vitamin E, and keratin protein
    • Enriched with coconut oil and almond oil
    • Has antioxidant properties
    • Conditions and softens hair for a smoother texture
    • Restores hair color vibrancy and prevents fading
    • Makes hair stronger than before 


    • Designed with Microlight 3D Complex for better color preservation
    • Protects against UV damage
    • Contains Olive Leaf extract for good hair conditioning


    • Very expensive
    • Has chemicals and toxins

    The Wella Color Save Shampoo for Colored Hair is a specially designed formula that features Microlight 3D complex technology for preserving your hair color brilliancy. This is a light-reflecting formula that bounces off the hair color pigment to give you a highly vibrant hair color look that shimmers with light. The shampoo is a part of the SP color save line that specializes in hair care products for colored hair. Apart from the microlight 3D technology, the shampoo is also enriched with Keratin, Olive Leaf extract, and Polyquaternium 7 – Beeswax combination.

    The keratin extracts penetrate the hair fiber to make it stronger and more resistant to breakages while the olive leaf extract along with the Polyquaternium 7 – Beeswax combination conditions the hair to smooth out the outer roughness making it silkier and softer. There is also a UV filter in the shampoo that protects the hair against sun damage keeping your hair color shiny.


    • Made with Microlight 3D complex technology for color preservation
    • Enriched with keratin, olive leaf extract, and Polyquaternium 7 – Beeswax combination.
    • Has a UV filter infused formula for sun protection
    • Makes hair stronger, silkier, and smoother
    • Carries a pleasant fragrance 


    • Vitamin enriched formula provides deep nourishment to hair
    • Provides up to 8 weeks of color protection
    • Makes hair 5 times shinier


    • Chemically loaded formulation
    • Has a strong fragrance

    Vitamins are essential for hair growth and good hair health. They are the building blocks of hair shafts and are hence extremely important for the hair. A vitamin-centric shampoo works wonders to repair the damage caused to the delicate hair strands because of the chemicals in the hair color. The L’Oréal Professionnel Serie Expert Vitamino Shampoo for Colored Hair is one such shampoo that gives tender care to the scalp and helps repair the damage to colored hair.

    It is a vitamin-enriched formula that gives you 5 times more shiny hair. It restores the hair’s natural vibrancy and makes it stronger. This shampoo also contains the powerful antioxidant Resveratrol that gently cleanses the scalp and helps in its detoxification. This aids in maintaining a healthy scalp pH balance. Further, the shampoo gives you up to 8 weeks of color protection.


    • Vitamin enriched formula for colored hair
    • Contains antioxidant Resveratrol for detoxification
    • Makes hair 5 times shinier than before
    • Gives color protection for up to 8 weeks
    • Restores the natural hair vibrancy and bounce 
    TRESemme-Pro-Protect-Sulphate-Free-Shampoo Review


    • Contains Moroccan Argan oil for deep conditioning of scalp and tresses
    • Sulfate and paraben-free formulation
    • Makes hair more vibrant and gives lasting shine


    • Tends to dry out the scalp over time

    TRESemme is another great brand to look out for in the hair care segment. It is known to give great results at a reasonable price. The TRESemme Pro Protect Sulphate Free Shampoo is a good example of the kind of hair care products you can expect from this brand. The shampoo formulation contains Moroccan Argan oil that is known for its conditioning properties. It carries an advanced formulation that protects your hair color and gives your hair a long-lasting shine and vibrancy.

    The shampoo is great for restoring the smooth texture of the hair that is generally destroyed by the harsh chemicals in the hair color. It also penetrates the hair fiber to make it stronger and more resilient to damage. The argan oil coats the hair shaft that locks in the moisture in the hair and prevents it from escaping. It also ensures that the hair remains well hydrated and is not prone to dryness.


    • Enriched with Moroccan argan oil
    • Gives long-lasting shine and vibrancy to hair
    • Coats the hair shaft to lock in moisture
    • Prevents dryness in hair
    • Free from sulphates and parabens 
    Revlon Outrageous Color Protection ShampooRevlon Outrageous Color Protection Shampoo


    • A patented formula containing MPG and ceramides
    • Smoothens and softens the hair fiber
    • Has a nice lather and fragrance


    • Chemically loaded formula with a high concentration of silicones and parabens

    Coloring your hair comes with its share of problems. The most common problem is hair roughness. The Revlon Outrageous Color Protection Shampoo takes care of the hair roughness making it smoother and softer than before. It is a patented formula that includes MPG. Ceramides, and silicones. This potent blend helps restore the hair’s smoothness and makes it easier to manage. The shampoo also provides you with intensive hair protection that minimizes any future hair damage.

    The shampoo is suitable for daily use and gives you a clean scalp with every wash. It lathers well and carries a pleasant fragrance that stays on in the hair for a couple of days. Further, the shampoo seals the hair cuticles and prevents the color from leaching out. This prolongs the hair color life and preserves its vibrancy.


    • A patented formula that contains MPG, Ceramides, and Silicones
    • Makes hair smoother, shinier, and softer than before
    • Seals the hair cuticles to lock in moisture and prevent color loss
    • Keeps the hair color vibrant and shiny
    • Protects hair from damage 
    WOW-Skin-Science-Perfect-Color-Protection-Shampoo review


    • Mild formulation free from Parabens, Sulphates, and Silicones
    • Repairs damage and makes hair stronger from the roots
    • Seals hair color for reduced fading and gives a glossy shine


    • Leaves the hair feeling a little dry and rough

    WOW has become a very popular hair care brand in very little time. It is a relatively newer entrant in the market that has captured a loyal customer base because of its result-centric mild hair care formulations. The WOW Skin Science Perfect Color Protection Shampoo – No Parabens, Sulphates & Silicones is a great example of an excellent shampoo from WOW. This shampoo offers a mild formulation that is extremely gentle on the stressed scalp of colored hair. This formulation is free from all parabens, silicones, and sulphates making it one of the best shampoos in the market for gentle cleansing of colored hair.

    The shampoo helps in preserving the hair color as well by sealing the cuticles and outer layer of the hair. This prevents the hair color from leaching out and slows down the fading process. It contains concentrated sunflower seed bio lipids which is a powerful antioxidant ingredient. This penetrates the hair shaft and seals in the moisture in the hair making it smoother and glossier. Apart from this the shampoo formulation also contains Argan oil and Almond oil. These both essential oils combine to deeply condition the hair making it more resistant to damage.


    • An antioxidant-rich formulation with Sunflower seed bio lipids
    • Contains Argan oil and Almond oil for conditioning
    • Gently cleanses scalp
    • Makes hair smoother and glossier
    • Prevents hair from frizz and dryness
    • Seals in the hair cuticles for better color retention

      BIOLAGE Colorlast Shampoo


      • Low pH level for optimal color-treated hair nourishment
      • Mild paraben-free formula
      • Gently cleanses the scalp without unnecessary color stripping for a long-lasting hair color brilliance


      • Contains SLS’s and Sodium Benzoate

      Colored hair requires extra protection since it becomes more prone to elemental damage. The chemicals present in hair color tends to strip the hair of its natural protection and exposes it to external pollutants and other harmful chemicals. The Biolage Colorlast Shampoo has been specially formulated for colored hair and gives it the extra protection it requires.

      This shampoo is enriched with wild orchids that penetrate the hair fibers to give it the extra protection it needs while nourishing it from the inside out. It also prevents moisture loss and ensures that the hair remains well hydrated. This moisture loss also prevents the hair from turning rough or frizzy making it more manageable and smoother. It is a low pH formula that is ideal for colored hair. The shampoo is a paraben-free formula that gives you hair color protection for up to 9 weeks post coloring.


          • Paraben-free formula specially designed for colored hair
          • Enriched with wild orchids
          • Gives color protection for up to 9 weeks
          • Makes hair smoother and glossier
          • Gentle cleanser with no harsh stripping of the natural oils 


      • Infused with a UV filter to protect against sun damage
      • Gives optimal color protection
      • Repairs and strengthens hair


      • Contains SLS’s
      • Has a strong fragrance

      Frequent washing tends to strip the hair color of its vibrancy and brilliance. You need a shampoo that helps you prevent this color fade. The Schwarzkopf Gliss Hair Repair Shampoo Color Protect & Shine is a specially designed formula that works to seal the vibrancy of the hair color by creating a protective coating on the hair. This prevents the color from fading out with each wash and preserves the life of the color thereby giving you a nice vibrant hue.

      The shampoo comes enriched with keratin protein serum and 3D Color Luminance. These combine to give your hair color protection for up to 12 weeks post coloring by strengthening the hair fiber and sealing the hair cuticles. The shampoo also helps smoothen the hair and gives you detangled hair that is easily managed. Further, the shampoo formulation has a two-fold action system. It repairs the existing damage to the hair and protects it from further damage ensuring a good healthy hair structure.


      • Enriched with wild Orchid extracts
      • Contains Keratin protein serum and 3D Color Luminance technology
      • Provides color protection for up to 12 weeks
      • Repairs previous damage to hair structure
      • Seals hair cuticles to prevent color fading and moisture loss 

      Choosing the Best Shampoo for Color Treated Hair

      There is a huge collection of shampoo meant for color treated hair in the market. Each one has different formulations with different ingredients that target specific hair problems. To choose the one that is right for your hair, you need to analyze the shampoo on certain criteria. These are listed below.

      Hair Type

      Just like any other shampoo, the shampoos for color treated hair are also specific to the hair types. If you have dry hair then you should opt for a shampoo that helps retain moisture in the hair and has good conditioning properties. Similarly, if you have oily hair then it is better to opt for a shampoo that will help regulate the oil secretion.

      Hair Concerns

      Certain shampoos for colored hair go one step forward and address specific hair concerns as well. If you suffer from dandruff then you should opt for a colored hair shampoo that contains soothing ingredients like almond oil, coconut oil, tea tree oil, etc. which will help in soothing your scalp and reducing itchiness.

      Go for Mild Formulations

      Color treatments are highly stressful on your hair. The chemicals in the color dyes strip the hair of its natural protection and oils. You need to take extra care of your hair health under these conditions. For this, it is best to opt for mild formulations that are gentle on the scalp rather than chemically loaded formulations that will further aggravate the hair problems.

      Paraben and Chemical Free Shampoo

      Most shampoos in the market are formulations that contain parabens and other harmful chemicals. These are not only harmful to your hair health but also very detrimental to your overall physical health. Many such chemicals have been clinically linked to chronic medical problems including cancer. For this reason, it is best to go natural and look for ingredients like Neem, Basil, Jojoba, Almond oil, etc. for the required cleansing and nourishment.

      Check the Label

      The easiest way to know which shampoo is safe for color treated hair is to check the label. The shampoo label must read “color safe” even if it is not specifically for colored hair only. This means that the shampoo is mild enough to be used on color treated shampoo. Never use a normal shampoo on your colored tresses. This contains harsh ingredients that not only strip your colored hair of its dye molecules but also make your hair rough and more brittle.

      UV Filter

      Sun is your hair color’s worst enemy. The UV rays from the sun can play havoc on your newly colored hair. With continued exposure to the sun, your hair color will not only fade out but can even change the hue. Apart from this sun rays roughen out your hair and makes it dryer and more brittle. For this, you should choose a shampoo that comes with a UV filter like the L’Oreal Paris Color Protect Shampoo which will coat your hair and protect it against UV damage.


      One of the most common problems with coloring is that your hair tends to become extremely rough and frizz-prone post the treatment. To avoid this, you should choose a shampoo that provides extra conditioning. Many shampoos for color treated hair include deeply nourishing oils like Argan oil, Coconut oil, etc. You should choose a shampoo will this type of formulation.

      Are Regular Shampoos Different from Shampoos for Color Treated Hair?

      Shampoos for colored treated hair are not just marketing hype. There is a legit difference between your regular shampoo and the shampoo meant for color treated hair. The difference lies in their formulation and ingredient list. Shampoo for color treated hair comes with extra technology like 3D color brilliance or color locking system that seals the color in the hair and prevents it from fading quickly. The formula is also enriched with ingredients like essential oils and keratin protein that provides an extra level of nourishment to the hair. These shampoos also target the common problems related to colored hair like frizz, dryness, brittleness, etc.

      Regular shampoos on the other hand are harsher and tend to focus solely on cleansing the scalp. They are generally devoid of any extra-nourishing elements like oils or other natural derivatives and only concentrate on ridding the hair of dust, oil, and other debris. These shampoos tend to wash off the hair color while cleansing the hair and make the colored treated hair more prone to breakage, roughness, dryness, and other hair-related problems.

      What Causes Your Hair Color to Fade?

      The most unfortunate aspect of hair coloring is that it does not last. You tend to lose out on the hair color vibrancy right from the first wash itself. So, what exactly causes your hair color to fade? Contrary to common perception, it is not the shampoo that causes the most damage to your hair color but the water that is the main culprit. This is not to say that shampoo does not aid in hair color loss, just that water tends to do the most damage.

      Hair color fades from the outer layer of the hair. When you shampoo your hair the outer layer and cuticles are exposed that essentially allows the color to escape. The hotter the water the worse the hair color fading will be since hotter water tends to expose your hair more leaving more room for the color molecules to wash out. However, you can easily contain the water damage by taking cold water hair baths and a good shampoo that seals your hair cuticles to prevent the color dye molecules from escaping.

      Do You Need Specialized Shampoo for Color Treated Hair?

      You don’t need specialized shampoos for your color treated hair, but it is better for your hair health and color preservation. The fundamentals are very simple here. Any regular shampoo can cleanse your hair and rid it of the excess oil but for beautiful healthy colored you require more nourishment and conditioning than a normal shampoo can afford. You will also need specialized hair sealing agents that will preserve the precious hair color vibrancy. The advantages of shampoo formulated for colored hair are as follows:

      • Mild formulation for gentle scalp and hair cleansing
      • Targeted to seal color dye molecules to prevent color from fading
      • Keeps the hair color more vibrant and maintains the brilliance
      • Adds depth and texture to colored hair
      • Gives good conditioning to hair
      • Makes hair smoother and softer
      • Repairs the hair damage caused due to coloring treatment
      • Locks in moisture and strengthens hair fiber

      Pro Tips to Maintain Your Hair Color

      While it is a given that hair color fades over time the process can be delayed. There are simple ways that can help you conserve your hair color brilliance for a longer period. Simply by following these simple tips you can easily enjoy a vibrant and glossy hair color look for an extended time.

      • Wait for 48 to 72 hours before washing your hair post the color treatment
      • Ditch the hot or warm showers and embrace the cold showers
      • Keep your head bath routine under 10 minutes. The longer your hair is exposed to water the more dye molecules get washed away
      • Use a good, specialized shampoo that is formulated for color treated hair
      • Follow up your shampoo with a good conditioner also meant for color treated hair
      • Avoid using heat treatments including styling tools and blow drying
      • Only use hair products like serums, gels, and sprays that are meant for color treated hair
      • Limit your hair’s sun exposure as much as possible. Cover up with a hat or scarf to minimize the exposure
      • Avoid chlorine and seawater

      Common Hair Problems to Look Out for After Hair Color Treatment

      Hair coloring is a great way to spruce up your looks. It adds more style to your daily life and gives you an instant make-over. This is the reason why hair coloring is so popular. Hair coloring involves chemical and color dyes. These dyes penetrate the hair structure to change the hair color. However, since you expose your hair to such a harsh treatment it leads to certain hair problems. Some of these are enough to put quite a few women off hair coloring. You might want to have a quick read about some common problems that arise after a hair color treatment.

      • Faded washed-out look after some time
      • Makes hair dull and lifeless
      • Can lead to excessive hair loss
      • Hair tends to become rougher in texture
      • This leads to dryness making hair more frizz-prone and unmanageable
      • Hair strands become more brittle
      • More split ends and rough tips

      Bottom Line

      It is the most amazing feeling to have your tresses styled in a new color. Unfortunately, hair coloring comes with its share of problems. But you do not have to despair about this. These problems are easily sorted with the right kind of hair care products. You can easily get your hair colored and not worry about the color fading out too soon or your hair health getting compromised. Just grab one of the best hair color shampoos from this list and enjoy all the compliments you get on your lovely vibrant hair color and the bouncy volume of your hair.

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