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Best Shampoo for Frizzy Hair in India – 2021



Quick Overview

There is nothing that makes your day a good hair day. It puts a smile in place, gets your feet rocking, pumps up the confidence, makes a damp rainy day look perfect. The problem lies in getting that good hair day. Good hair depends on a good hair texture and a good hair texture depends on a lot of factors especially the climate. Come summer, winter, or even monsoon and your tame tresses turn on you to become unmanageably frizzy with not a single strand in place. The result is a puffy head and it does absolutely no good trying to hide it in a bun.

You will undoubtedly find a lot of jargon on the internet, in magazines, and with your local hairdresser on how to tame your dry unmanageable frizzy hair to achieve the perfect hairdo every single day. However, these generally include lengthy and expensive treatments much of which ultimately do more harm than good. Luckily you have the perfect solution and it is easier than you think. It simply starts with getting a perfect shampoo that combats frizz and gives you a stylish smooth look every day. This guide will give you a heads up on how to choose the perfect shampoo to get rid of the frizz blues and welcome the smooth hair perfection. 



  • Keratin protein infuses in the hair fiber to smoother the frizz
  • Makes hair silkier and softer to touch
  • Has a nice lather and fragrance


  • Contains silicones, sulphates, and parabens

There is no shampoo better than the Tresemme Keratin Smooth Shampoo, With Keratin and Argan Oil for controlling your frizzy puffy hair. The shampoo formulation contains Keratin protein and Argan oil. Both these ingredients give deep nourishment to the hair. The keratin protein is the building block for hair fibers. It penetrates the hair shaft to repair it from the inside out to give you smooth hair shafts. The argan oil element provides excellent conditioning to the scalp and hair making it shinier. It also aids in better hair health and promotes hair growth.

Even though the shampoo contains sulfates and other chemicals, it is a low sulfate formula. This means that the shampoo has a low concentration of sulfate and is better than other sulfate shampoos in the same category. The shampoo is specially formulated for Indian hair and is suitable for coloured hair as well.


  • Infused with keratin protein and argan oil
  • Low Sulfate formulation
  • Controls frizz for up to 48 hours after the wash
  • Makes hair smoother, shinier, and stronger
  • Has a good lather
  • Suitable for both natural and colored hair
  • Specially formulated for the Indian hair 


  • Helps hair retain moisture to make it silkier and smoother
  • Makes hair stronger in 14 days
  • Contains Keratin damage blockers with pro-vitamin infused formula


  • Has a high concentration of chemicals
  • Can lead to the itchy scalp with prolonged use

Pantene is a tried and tested brand known to give great hair care products pegged at a reasonable budget pricing. The Pantene Silky Smooth Care Shampoo is a great shampoo to help control your frizz. It is infused with pro-vitamin essential nourishment that conditions the hair and makes it stronger. The Keratin damage blockers make hair stronger in 14 days by protecting the hair strands from outside harmful elements.

The shampoo works in controlling frizz by coating the hair strands to prevent any moisture loss. It also prevents excessive humidity from entering the hair fibers thereby controlling frizz.  The shampoo provides up to 10 times more protection from any damage and helps in hair regrowth. It lathers well and carries a great fragrance that stays for days making you feel fresh every time your brush out your hair.


  • Contains keratin damage blockers
  • Infused with pro-vitamin nutrients
  • Protects hair from 10 times more damage than normal shampoo
  • Give thicker and stronger hair in 14 days
  • Gives good scalp conditioning
  • Locks in moisture and prevents excess humidity from penetrating the hair
  • Not suitable for colored hair 


  • Contains nourishing fiber actives, nutritive serum, and 1/4th milk moisturizing
  • Works to repair and reduce split ends
  • Makes hair highly glossy


  • Causes brittle hair over time

The Dove Daily Shine Shampoo – For Dull and Frizzy Hair has a formulation enriched with a nutritive serum that smoothens the frizz rough texture of the hair to give you ultra-smooth hair. Apart from this, the shampoo contains the signature 1/4th milk moisturizer to nourish the hair making it stronger and more beautiful. This highly nurturing shampoo has a gentle formulation that makes it gentle enough to be used daily. The shampoo mildly cleanses the scalp and gives you beautiful shiny-looking hair.

Apart from this the shampoo also gives good conditioning to the hair and scalp making the hair stronger. It allows the hair to resist humidity and retain moisture to fight off dryness. In the end, you get a shiny smooth mane of hair that is irresistible.


  • Nutritive serum enriched formula
  • Contains 1/4th moisturizing milk
  • Gently cleanses scalp
  • Mild enough for daily use
  • Has a light fragrance
  • Gives shinier smoother hair 


  • Uses hydra therapy technology for ultra-moisturization
  • Has a low pH balance formula making it ideal for frizz-prone hair
  • It is free from parabens and synthetic dyes


  • Has a runny consistency
  • Does not lather well

The Matrix Biolage Ultra-Hydrating Shampoo is an ultimate hydrating shampoo that moisturizes your hair to both restores and replenishes hair health. It makes the hair super soft and silky to touch. The shampoo has a formulation that contains algae, sage, lemongrass, and wheat germ lipids that provide essential nourishment to the hair and makes it more manageable. The sea plant algae and lemongrass penetrate the hair fiber to make it stronger from the inside out. It gives a nice fruity scent to the hair strands that stays on for days.

The shampoo is suitable for natural and colored hair. It is gentle enough not to leach out the color and is a mild cleanser for the scalp. You get a nice smelling smoother hair that is more manageable and less prone to frizz with daily usage of this shampoo.


  • Contains algae, sage, lemongrass, and wheat germ lipids
  • Formulated with hydra therapy technology
  • Gentle for daily use
  • Balances unwanted hair volume
  • Free from all parabens and silicones
  • Suitable for colored hair 


  • Contains pro-keratin complex for stronger hair
  • Makes hair super glossy
  • Provides frizz-free hair up to 4 days


  • Contains parabens, silicones, and sulfates

L’Oreal is a very popular haircare brand with a stellar record of excellent consistent results. The L’Oréal Professionnel Serie Expert Liss Unlimited Shampoo is a moisture-balancing shampoo meant specifically to control frizz in the hair and add shine to your tresses. It has a gel-based formulation that is infused with a Pro-Keratin complex. These keratin complexes aid in restoring health strength and makes it more resistant to external damage. It also helps in repairing the outer layer of the hair fiber and smoothens the roughness caused by frizz.

The moisture balance prevents the hair from drying out making it more resistant to fizziness. It also helps in controlling the volume making your hair more manageable and less puffy. This is a professional grade shampoo that is designed and formulated keeping in mind the needs of frizz-prone hair.


  • Enriched with pro–keratin complex
  • Gives frizz-free hair for up to 96 hours or 4 days after wash
  • A gel-based formula that lathers well
  • Makes hair stronger and more agile
  • Gives great shine to hair
  • Maintains volume and prevents puffiness
  • Suitable for colored hair 


  • Extremely hydrating with cold-pressed argan oil
  • Infused with vitamin E for better scalp conditioning
  • It is free from parabens and sulfates


  • A bit on the expensive side
  • Not suitable for chemically treated or colored hair

The OGX Renewing Argan Oil of Morocco Hydrating Hair Shampoo with Cold Pressed Argan oil is an exotic blend with precious Argan oil that is sourced from the plains of Morocco and cold-pressed to give you the maximum results of its conditioning properties. The Argan oil coats each hair strand to give you individually shimmery hair strands. The shampoo gives you easily manageable hair that does not tangle unnecessarily.

This is a highly nutritive shampoo that restores the elasticity of the hair fiber making it more agile and less prone to brittleness. It revives the hair structure by locking in moisture and protecting it from elemental damage including UV rays sun damage. Further, the shampoo carries a nice citrusy, earthy scent that is highly appealing and stays on the hair for days after wash.


  • Contains cold-pressed Argan oil from Morocco
  • Gives shimmery shine, radiance, and volume control to hair
  • Protects against frizz by locking in moisture
  • Revives hair to make it smoother and silkier
  • Contains natural vitamin E
  • Free from harmful parabens and sulfates 


  • Contains a blend of nutritious ingredients like algae for good hair nourishment
  • Makes hair stronger and silkier
  • Enriched with castor oil for better hair growth


  • Does not give a rich lather

Olive oil is very well known for its high conditioning property. One of the best ways of conditioning frizz-prone hair is by using olive oil. The Palmer’s Olive Oil Smoothing Shampoo is a great formulation that not only includes olive oil but also carries with it Jamaican Black Castor oil and Keratin protein.

The extra virgin olive oil acts as a natural conditioner and a strong antioxidant that prevents free radicals from penetrating the hair shafts and causing damage. This makes hair stronger and more resilient. It also controls frizz by keeping the moisture locked in. Then you have the added benefit of castor oil. The Jamaican black castor oil provides deep conditioning to the scalp and protects hair from heat and UV damage. It also stimulates blood circulation to improve hair growth. The keratin in the formulation strengthens the hair fiber and repairs the roughness to give you extra smooth hair that is silkier and softer to touch.


  • Contains extra virgin olive oil, Jamaican black castor oil, and keratin protein
  • Includes vitamin E for stronger hair
  • Gently cleanses scalp
  • Locks in moisture for frizz resistance
  • Detoxifies hair by removing product build-up
  • Suitable for chemically treated and colored hair 

What Causes Hair to Become Frizzy?

For the majority of women sunshine plus warm weather equals dry unmanageable frizzy hair that seems to have a life of its own and refuses to be tamed. Things are better if you live in a dry climate but humidity and warmth spell disaster for many women. However, you will be surprised to know that the warm humid weather is not the only culprit for frizzy hair. Frizz is rooted in dryness. The more dryness in your scalp and hair fiber the worse the frizz will be. Now, dryness in turn can be triggered by a lot of other factors. Some of the more common ones are listed below:


While humidity does not make normal hair frizz it causes already dry hair to frizz out. This is because dry and dehydrated hair has an outer layer that is raw and exposed. This layer starts soaking up the moisture from the air and swells with this sudden hydration. Unfortunately, the hydration is limited to the outer layer and does not seep into the inner layers of the hair shaft. This causes unevenness in the hair fiber and a change in the hair texture.

Hot Water Washes

Hot water is a disaster for hair. It leaches out all the moisture and hydration from the hair and exposes your scalp and hair shafts to dryness, itchiness, roughness, and ultimately makes your hair brittle. You should try to avoid using hot water on your hair for a lot of reasons including frizz control even though it is so refreshing to have that steamy shower cubicle from hot water showers especially during chilly temperatures.

Frequent Washing

While you might like the feel of a squeaky-clean scalp the fact is that your scalp only needs to be washed 2 or 3 times a week. Daily washing of hair can change the delicate pH balance of the scalp and lead to dryness. This can cause the hair to lose its hydration and prevent it from retaining the moisture as well as causing dull, damaged, and frizzy hair.

Heat Styling Tools and Blow Drying

It is great to have the perfect curls and straighter than straight hair locks once in a while but using heat on your hair frequently will lead to excessive hair dryness and frizz-prone tresses. As far as possible you should avoid blow dryers as well both hot and cold ones. The hot ones will dehydrate your hair while the cool air ones will create high friction between the strands causing frizz after the effect wears off.

Chemical Treatments

Another sure-shot way of getting frizzy hair is through a chemical treatment. These treatments are harsh on your natural hair fiber. They work by stripping the hair of its natural oils and penetrating the hair fiber to change the structure making it straighter, curlier, or changing the color to your desired one. Try to stay away from excessively high chemical treatments and high ammonia concentrated colors to preserve your hair health and texture.

Results of Frizzy Hair

All hair texture is beautiful. However, you cannot confuse hair texture with artificially induced frizz. Naturally, frizzy hair is great in itself and a texture that favors curly hair but frizz that is artificially induced has a root cause problem that should be addressed. Some problems that emerge from frizzy hair are:

  • Exposed outer layer causing easy hair damage
  • Tangled hair that is unmanageable
  • Flyways and difficult to keep the hair together
  • Messy, unappealing look
  • Rough hair strands
  • Brittleness and hair prone to breaking
  • Poor hair health
  • Stinted fresh hair growth
  • Split ends

Tips on Buying the Right Frizz-Free Shampoo

A lot of women complain of frizzy hair especially with the onset of monsoon and high humidity. Almost everyone has at some point encountered frizzy hair. It is no wonder then that the superstore’s aisles are full of hair care products for frizz-free hair. The problem lies in choosing the right one for yourself. These pro tips will help you to avoid making a wrong choice. Just keep this in mind while frizz-free shampoo hunting and you are good to go.


You must choose a shampoo with the right ingredients. Remember a shampoo is only as good as the ingredients it sports in its formulation. You need ingredients that have a high nourishing value that will provide the necessary nutrients to the hair and deeply condition it. They should prevent the hair shafts from losing moisture by a lock-in moisture technology and also prevent excessive humidity from damaging the outer layer. Some ingredients to look out for include:

  • Essential oils like Argan, Coconut oil, Almond oil, Castor oil, etc.
  • Keratin or milk protein
  • Preferably sulfate and paraben-free
  • Vitamin E enriched

pH Balanced

The pH balance of your scalp is extremely important for your hair health. If your scalp has a high pH level or even a low pH level it leads to poor hair nourishment, hair growth, lower tensile strength, and a host of other problems. These problems in turn cause dryness and brittleness making your hair frizzy. You need to get a shampoo that maintains the optimal pH balance of the scalp to give you smooth and shiny tresses. For this reason, try to stick with low sulfate levels and avoid alcohol-based shampoos.

Conditioning and Nourishment

Frizz-prone hair and frizzy hair are hair shafts that are dry and have low moisture levels. The natural oils produced by the scalp are not enough to provide adequate nourishment to the hair making them frizzy, dull, and brittle. For this reason, you need a shampoo with intense hydration and nourishment. Look for a shampoo that tackles frizz by intense hydration and deep conditioning. You need a shampoo that not only controls frizz but also aims are reviving hair by restoring and repairing previous damage.

Additional Concerns

If you have some additional hair concerns other than fizziness then you should concentrate on shampoos that provide you relief from these concerns as well. For instance, if you have dandruff along with frizz then you should consider an anti-dandruff shampoo that tackles hair – frizz as well. If you cannot find one that addresses all your concerns then go in for a shampoo with intense hydration and low chemical levels to help with all your problems.

Chemically Treated and Colored Hair

Not all shampoos are suitable for chemically treated or colored hair. If you have colored hair then you should only use shampoos that are suitable for it. These shampoos are generally milder than other shampoos and go easy on your hair. Also, chemically treated hair including colored hair is often rough and brittle due to chemical exposure. Hence, they require extra nourishment and a milder formulation ideally free from parabens, harsh SLS’s, mineral oils, and alcohol. Never use a shampoo that is not meant for chemically treated hair since these will lead to dry itchy scalp and excessive hair fall.


You do not have to buy a super-premium shampoo to get good results. Conversely, you should not penny-pinch either and opt for a low-budget generic shampoo. These will harm your hair irreversibly. The fact remains that high-end shampoos have high-quality ingredients to match but that does not mean that you cannot find good quality in a slightly more affordable range. It is best to settle for a good brand shampoo in the mid-level range to get the best care for your hair.


Always check the customer reviews before you purchase a shampoo. These buyer reviews will give you an honest rating and performance indicators of the shampoo. This way you will know exactly what to expect from the shampoo and the real results of it.

Tips To Tame Frizzy Hair Naturally

Aside from using good anti-frizz hair products you can also make some conscious efforts and lifestyle changes that will help you overcome the fizziness in your hair to give you a smoother head of hair naturally.

  • Stay away from heat and say keep your blow dryers away
  • Go gentle with the hairbrush
  • Use a wide-toothed comb or wide bristled brush with soft bristles to reduce friction
  • Do not pull-on tangle hair locks
  • Regular oil massages to restore moisture
  • Keep the chemicals away by investing in chemical-free hair products
  • Say no to chemical treatments including hair coloring
  • Get a good hair cut or a trim to chop off the existing split ends
  • Wash only when required
  • Reserve the styling products for special occasions

FAQ Corner

Is It Possible to Have Naturally Frizzy Hair?

Yes, some people tend to have naturally frizzy hair. For them, hair frizz does not occur due to some lifestyle or climatic factors. It stems from genetics and inherent hair structure. This occurs when the scalp does not produce enough oils to weigh down the hair making it less hydrated and drier. This prevents the hair shafts from bonding together causing frizzy curly hair.

Do Frizz-Free Shampoos Work?

The main reason for frizz is dryness. You need to hydrate your hair and condition it while repairing the previous damage. The right kind of mild shampoo that ranks high on hydration, nourishment, and conditioning can effectively tackle your frizz problem.

Is There a Fast Way of Getting Rid of Hair Frizz Without Shampooing?

Sometimes you need to get party-ready and do not have time for a shampoo and whole hair care routine to control the frizz. For a quick stepping, out-of-the-house frizz-free look uses an appropriate hair spray. This will quickly detangle your hair and give it the smooth look. Another option is applying coconut oil, but the oil might weigh your hair down after a while making it look limp and oily.

Can Hair Dryers Help in Reducing Frizz?

One of the reasons for hair frizz is the hairdryer. However, hair dryers can also help out with frizz. An ionic hair dryer seals the outer layer and cuticles of the hair giving you temporary relief from frizz. Just keep in mind that over time hair dryers are not the solution and tend to make the problem worse if used frequently.


Everyone is different in the sense that every skin reacts differently and so does every hair. What works for someone else’s hair might not necessarily work for your hair. Beauty and hair products are highly personal in this regard. It is a tried and tested method that works on a very intimate and personal level what your body needs. Hence you need to invest time and patience in finding the right hair care shampoo that works for you. This list of frizz-free shampoo will help you find the perfect shampoo that takes care of your frizzy hair problem leaving you with gorgeous-looking hair every single day.


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