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Our aim is to become the numero uno destination for people who are interested in learning about quality hair and scalp care products. We take pride in publishing unbiased, sincere, and accurate product guides and reviews –after carrying out comprehensive research.

Keeping this website running is something that cannot be done for free. We get support from brands that manufacture hair care and grooming products for both genders and kids. We also get support from major online retailers such as Through these relationships, it becomes easier for us to expand our website. We also conduct exhaustive product research and publish useful content. Readers don’t need to pay anything for site access, and that is not going to alter in the future too.

We strive to maintain absolute transparency as far as our affiliate relationships are concerned.

  • Plaits forges working relationships with brands selling and manufacturing hair care and grooming products- for both genders. It is typically a cost-per-click and purely affiliate program. We get commissions from the product page links. These commissions surely help us in running the site, but they have no influence on our reviews and opinions.
  • If a customer buys a product through the affiliate links, we get a commission. If the customer is not content with it and returns the product, the commission is reversed. We do not use the affiliate links to endorse any kind of substandard products.
  • We are in the Amazon Affiliate Program and so get a commission when a reader visits our website and clicks an Amazon link in it, eventually making a purchase.
  • We do not get any financial payments from the brands whose products we endorse or review. However, we may get free products from those brands for review purposes. Receiving such free products has no impact on our editorial integrity at all.

    Since we share such affiliate relationships with a number of bands, we have adopted certain measures. This is to ascertain such relationships do not impact our opinions or editorial integrity. These are:

  • The product ratings are created exclusively through an in-depth evaluation system by gathering verified customer experiences through numerous online sources, along with comprehensive internal product testing.
  • Our editorial staff or writers are not given details regarding the brand at the time of writing any review.
  • Although our writers do not consult the product makers for ratings and reviews, they contact them occasionally to update on factual information regarding the products such as shipping, materials, price, and warranty. These consultations are definitely not part of our rating system. If you have concerns and queries about site content, do get in touch with us. Your queries will definitely be answered.

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