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Essential Hair Styling Tools for Women

Essential Hair Styling Tools for Women

No matter the color, style, or texture, everyone wants to have hair that is preened and perfected by a styling professional. But it is rarely possible for...

Hair Dryer Buying Guide – 2020


Before the Ultras and the Sephoras were opened as the new corner shops, people usually visited a drugstore to purchase a hairdryer. The choice was mostly based on the price of the product and sometimes its look. With the gradual advancement in technology, the task of buying a hairdryer has become quite complicated. Potential buyers feel like they need to do a course on aerospace engineering and go through at least a thousand reviews to purchase a hairdryer that is appropriate for them. Today’s high-tech and high-end dryers are studded with a plethora of features and accessories to accommodate almost all hair drying needs of the users. While the basic models are still available in the market, the expensive and improvised ones boast of providing a remarkable blowout experience to the user, provided adequate time is invested in decoding which ones are suitable for specific purposes. It may sound to be more like rocket science, but in reality, purchasing a hairdryer is quite simple, provided you know what to purchase and from where to buy it.

Different Types of Hair Dryers

Choosing a hairdryer can be a cumbersome task if you are not acquainted with the technical terms like ionic, tourmaline, ceramic, nanoe, and titanium. To make the most out of your search, it is necessary to know the features, pros and cons and prices of each one of them.

Ionic Hair Dryers

These hair dryers release negatively charged ions that help in breaking down the positively charged ions present in water. The positively charged ions are released in a scattered manner, thereby speeding up the drying process. The heating coil material used in these dryers regulates the volume of hot air released. This scientifically designed equipment help in removing excess moisture, closing the hair cuticle, and mitigating any undesired frizz. These benefits make these dryers a suitable option for users with thick and frizzy hair. However, these dryers are not ideal for styling as an electromagnetic field is developed by these dryers, and using it for a prolonged period can even harm the hair follicles. Also, people with thin hair can get their hair over-dried, leaving a limp and dull appearance.

Ceramic Hair Dryers

Dryers labeled as “porcelain” or “ceramic” indicate the internal heating parts are made out of such material. Either the heating coil is coated with such material, or the internal structure is covered with ceramic clay. Such coating helps in distributing the heat in an even manner. These dryers regulate the heat depending on the room temperature, thereby ensuring that an optimal amount of heat is applied for the drying process. This helps in minimizing the drying time while optimizing the heat released. People whose hair has been damaged by the harsh traditional dryers can benefit from the use of these types of dryers. A major drawback of ceramic hair dryers is that these are costly than the traditional hairdryers and just as costly as ionic hair dryers.

Tourmaline Hair Dryers

Tourmaline hair dryers operate in a similar manner as the ionic hair dryers, releasing negative ions to dry out the hair. They go a step ahead of the standard ionic dryers, by covering the internal parts of the dryer with tourmaline or a semi-precious metal to increase the release of negative ions out in the air. The metals and ground down and mixed with certain components of the internal parts of the dryer to create a whole new powerhouse of smooth and fast drying. The use of these types of hair dryers enables smoothing the hair by retaining the moisture and sealing the cuticle. In simple terms, it helps in combating frizz while maintaining the required moisture level for your hair. However, the use of precious metals like tourmaline inside the dryer increases its price to a significantly high level.

Titanium Hair Dryers

These small and easy-to-handle dryers are lightweight and help in optimizing the drying time while regulating the heat distribution and maintaining the temperature consistency. The use of titanium to the interior elements of the dryer provides a gentle and quick-drying experience to the user than ceramic or ionic dryers. Frequent users with long, thick, and curly hair can benefit from the increased temperature due to the presence of titanium in the internal elements. But people with brittle hair should avoid the use of such dryer. These dryers are relatively expensive due to the huge demand associated with titanium elements.

Nanoe Hair Dryers

Nanoe hair dryers have the same functionality as the ionic hair dryers but provide a better solution than the latter. The nanoparticles from these dryers penetrate deep into the hair cuticles, making it smooth and shiny. This technology is also known as the static atomization phenomenon. These dryers are known to be a thousand times faster than the ionic ones in making the hair dry while locking the required moisture content in the hair cuticles. The dryer provides shiny, healthy, and frizz-free hair. These are available in a unique design and suitable for those with long, thick, and curly hair. The only drawback of this type of dryer is that they are quite heavy, making it difficult to handle for those users who use it regularly.

Essential Considerations Before Buying A Hair Dryer


The efficiency of a hairdryer is determined by its power, i.e., its wattage. Wattage refers to the strength of the motor of the blow dryer. Dryers that are equipped with a high wattage motor helps in drying the hair quickly without generating an excessive amount of heat. The wattage for basic hair dryers ranges from 1000-1800 watts, while the advanced ones are ranging up to 3600 watts. While most of the basic hair dryers contain nichrome as the metal heating coil, the professional ones include expensive metals like chromium and titanium. High wattage dryers are suitable for long, thick, and frizzy hair, whereas those with short, thin, and flat hair should opt for a dryer with low wattage.

Material and Build Quality

The heating material, commonly referred to as the coil, is a crucial part of every hairdryer. Most hair dryers use nichrome metal for the coil, which is a combination of nickel and chrome, mainly because the metal does not get oxidized upon heating. But it creates a possibility of generating uneven heat, which can cause the hair to burn. For this reason, the advanced dryers use more expensive metals like tourmaline and titanium for the coil. Explore the list of available alternatives and weigh the pros and cons before sticking to one specific type of hairdryer.


Besides the wattage, there are various technologies used for different hair dryers that help in drying the hair faster while allowing the user to create his/her own desired style.

  • Turbo: Some of the recently launched hair dryers have gone a step forward with the Turbo Boost Option. This is somewhat like giving an energy drink to the dryer supplying it with the power to boost the task of drying.
  • Infrared Technology: This technique provides a constant supply of heat, allowing the hair to dry evenly while also preventing portions of the scalp from getting overheated or dried out.
  • Noise Reduction: This keeps the noise levels to a minimum so that the hair can be dried without disturbing the neighboring person.


When you are purchasing any equipment for your personal use, you should consider the ergonomic features of it to ensure that it is not uncomfortable to use. Make sure the dryer you are going to purchase is lightweight and easy to hold. Besides, other factors that should be taken into consideration are the button replacement and associated convenience features. The button should be easily accessible while not being so reactive that it can be accidentally turned on or off. The presence of retractable cords makes it convenient for the user to store and carry the dryer while traveling.

Compatibility of the attachments

Most new-age dryers come with several detachable attachments. Among them, diffusers and concentrators can be fitted to the majority of the dryers. Diffusers help to disperse the airflow of the dryer while cutting down on the frizz and keeping the pattern of the curls intact. At the opposite end is present a concentrator nozzle, which gives the airflow a proper direction. This enables the user to have control over the outcome. While accessories like comb pick nozzle and concentrator nozzle are available with most dryers, diffusers need to be purchased as an added accessory. Make sure that whatever accessory you purchase is compatible with the hairdryer you are planning to use it with.

Heat Adjustment

The heat control setting is an essential feature of a good hairdryer. Hairdryers with a high wattage will produce more heat and can cause damage to the hair when used for a prolonged period. Almost all standard dryers have three levels of settings – high, medium, and low, while some have only two levels – high and low. The higher setting can be activated to remove most of the moisture, after which the medium or lower setting can be used to curl or straighten the hair as per the choice of the user. The decision to choose a multiple setting hair dryer should be made based on individual requirements.


The warranty period for a hairdryer should also be considered before buying. The expensive dryers should provide a warranty period of at least a year or two of use. Look for any fine print that could render the warranty useless. Go through the terms of the warranty as some vendors do not cover the cost of shipping, making the return or replacement process prohibitively expensive.

Length Of The Power Cord

While this factor may sound to be a petty issue, it is equally important as the other ones. Hairdryers with a long power cord give the user the flexibility of moving. This can turn out to be crucial if you have a power connection at a distance from the mirror.

Cool Shot Button

Dryers with a cool shot feature allow the hair to cool down after a heated drying session. By sending a gust of cool air to the freshly dried hair, the hair cuticles are sealed while the shiny look of the hair is maintained throughout the day. Such cooling down of the hair after exposure to high temperatures can prevent significant damage to the cuticles while helping to accomplish the desired task.


The budget is one of the essential considerations while buying a hairdryer. While a high price doesn’t guarantee quality and excellent performance, the high-end products have been seen to provide faster, better, and longer service. But most of the pricey state-of-the-art dryers are suitable for salon professionals. For home use, the average priced ones are good to go.

Know Your Hair Type

  1. Thin Hair – People with thin hair should enhance the volume of the hair without damaging the delicate and fragile follicles. They should opt for a dryer with porcelain or ceramic technology that will produce gentle and non-damaging heat. A bristle brush and a concentrator nozzle can help them get the ideal blowout.
  2. Fine Hair – Since fine hair can get easily damaged by turbo speed and high temperature, tourmaline dryers work the best. These dryers emit negative ions naturally, reducing the flattening effect while maintaining the polish and shine.
  3. Thick Hair – For thick-haired people, quick-drying time is essential. This can be achieved by opting for titanium dryers that provide an intense drying experience with minimal fuss. Moreover, since they are lightweight, they won’t feel heavy even after a prolonged blow-dry session.
  4. Frizzy Hair – People with frizzy hair should opt for a dryer with multiple heat settings. Frizz can be minimized by using blow dryers with high-wattage motors, infrared heat, and negative ions. It also helps to prevent flyaways while maintaining the shine and smoothness of the hair.
  5. Curly Hair – Hair dryers with a diffuser can often deliver 360-degree airflow to enhance natural curls instead of giving a frizz effect. In such cases, ionic dryers with cool shot button are appropriate, making the hair shine while maintaining the curl.
  6. Damaged Hair – To provide the best care possible for damaged hair, users should consider blow dryers with professional-grade features such as infrared technology, which uses longer energy wavelengths to blow-dry the hair from inside out while maintaining a sleeker and smoother look.

Steps For Choosing The Right Hair Dryer

Knowing the different types of hair dryers won’t be enough to accomplish your goal of purchasing the right product. You need to follow the right steps to make an informed decision. Below is a list of the steps that any person looking to purchase a hair dryer need to follow –

Step-1: Choosing The Right Wattage For Your Hair Density

  • For thick and dense hair: Wattage of 1800 to 2000 is appropriate.
  • For average density hair: Wattage of 1700 to 1900 is suitable.
  • For thin and fine hair: Wattage of 1200 to 1600 should be chosen.

Step-2: Determine Your Needs

  • If you want smooth and shiny hair go for an Ionic or Tourmaline hairdryer.
  • For quicker drying time, select an ionic hair dryer with high wattage and turbo feature.
  • If you want to ensure damage control choose a ceramic or tourmaline hair dryer with low wattage.
  • In case you want volume on fine hair, opt for any non-ionic and non-tourmaline hairdryer.

Step-3: Invest In Your Decision

To ensure health and well-being, the use of quality product matters. If you invest in purchasing a quality hairdryer, it will not only provide you with the desired outcome but also save your styling time, money, and investment in preventing or repairing hair damage. With the right product, you won’t have to use additional tools and accessories like hair straighteners to get the look you desire.

The Best Hair Dryer Brands In India

When it comes to purchasing the best hair dryer in India, there are several options available at the disposal of the buyer. Among the various reputed brands are Panasonic, Phillips, Syska, Barun, Remington, and Nova. There are different varieties of conventional models available at different prices and wattage to meet user-specific needs. You can also opt for combinational hair dryers like a tourmaline-titanium-ionic hairdryer or ionic-ceramic hair dryer that are usually available in international brands like Revlon, Remington, Conair, etc.

Bottom Line

A hairdryer is an essential styling product for both men and women. It allows users to dry their hair while getting the style of their choice. The above list is just inclusive, and there are countless hair dryer brands in India marketing thousands of products to choose from. In today’s scenario, with state-of-the-art technology, choosing the appropriate hairdryer is indeed a complicated decision to make. Follow the steps mentioned above and go through the reviews posted by various customers about the different products available in the market to make an informed decision.

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Essential Hair Styling Tools for Women

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