Plaits Privacy Policy

This is the privacy practice disclosure for Plaits, and it is applicable to the website and information gathered by it

Collection, Usage, and Sharing of data

Plaits is the sole owner of the data collected by the website when you begin using it. You give this information to us willingly through email communication. While we make use of your name, address, email and location, and other identifying information to contact you, we never share this data with third-party entities without taking your consent.

We may send email notifications to you, to update you about our new products and offers and alterations made to our privacy policy, unless we are asked not to do so.

You are at complete liberty to opt-out of communication from us any time in the future. You have the right to see the data we store about you, ask us to delete such data, and let us know your concerns. You may also use the unsubscribe link that exists in our emails to opt-out of our newsletters.


We strive to save your data from all types of theft and illegal access attempts. If sensitive information such as credit card data is collected, it is safeguarded with encryption for optimum safety. The padlock sign on your browser’s address bar is proof of this.

We also take solid steps to protect your vital information offline. We ensure only a few employees get access to user data, and they are kept under surveillance. The servers are always kept in a safe as well as the tamper-proof environment.


Our privacy policy shows our seriousness about maintaining the privacy and security of user data. We may alter the policy without notice at any time.

Cookie Policy

Our website deploys cookies to enhance the services to our many thousand users. Cookies may be used by Plaits. However, these cookies cannot access any personal data you aren’t willing to part with.

We use third-party cookies and first-party cookies on our site. The former are sent by some of the third party vendors we are associated with. These do not affect your privacy; however, you can still stop the cookies from accessing your web browser. Be aware that doing so will limit the functionality of the website to a great extent. This policy is not set in stone and can be altered without prior notice. At a given time, you can check the latest update regarding cookies on our website.

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