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What Different Hair Colors Signify?


The way someone presents to the world says a lot about their personality. The clothes we wear, the cars we drive, and the hairstyles we follow all reveal something about us. Many stereotypes are associated with natural hair colors, redheads have fiery tempers, brunettes are attractive, and blondes are dumb. While most of us believe these to be assumptions, it is true that people often create a first impression through their hair color. The following are some of the hair color options that can change up your look and help you to express your personality traits to the outside world:


One of the most natural hair colors, black, is seen for a number of races, including Asian and African American origins. However, if it is not your natural hue, getting a jet black hair color can indicate a radical change in your style. Combined with pale skin, it can bring modern, contemporary, sever, gothic, or ultra-stylish look. People with black hair are believed to be introspective, deep, serious, and melancholic.

Dark Brown

The next most common hair color after black is dark brown. This color can covey a serious and alluring message depending on the length and style of your hair. When the hair is short and cropped, it expresses a studios, straightforward and fashionable look. Longer dark brown tresses can add a sense of intrigue and mystery. Some people also consider it a symbol of practical, hard-working, reliable, and dependable.

Dark Blonde

This is a very rare color that naturally occurs among the people in the Northern Europe and American regions. Dirty blonde, as it is sometimes referred to as this color, conveys a relaxed, earthy, and natural feel. This hair color favors casual clothing like jeans and long day dresses. Overall, this hair color conveys a carefree vibe.


Though this color bears a resemblance to that of dark blonde, the personality traits conveyed by this class of people are way different. Females with this hair color are known to be high maintenance. Also, a survey report revealed that the divorce rate for people with dark blonde hair color was higher. This hair color carries a sense of fun, sex appeal, and lightheartedness. The lighter the shade, the more attention the person is likely to get.


Adding lighter highlights to any hair color can portray depth, interest, and complexity; it indicates that there is more to such color than it apparently looks and that the person has a range of diverse interests and facets.


A color shade between medium brown and black, this hair color is mostly predominant in Asia, Africa, and South America. The majority of Nobel Prize winners have brunette hair color, and thus, it is associated with hard-working people. However, they are likely to give up at times. They are also associated with seriousness and long-term relationships. People getting this hair color are more likely to get bald and also get addicted to nicotine.

Some Uncommon Hair Colors

Uncommon hair colors that are taken from the rainbow are the latest trends these days. These immediately grab the attention of the onlooker. Below are some of the possible meanings of this brightly colored hair.

  • Red: This rare hair color is sure to turn heads when you go out. The color portrays a feisty, sensual, and fiery look that will be remembered for a long time.
  • Yellow and Orange: These hair colors convey a cartoon-like quality, showing the fun and frivolous side of the wearer.
  • Blue: When it comes to flaunting unusual hair colors, blue is often the preferred option. Various celebrities like the Kardashian sisters, Lady Gaga, and Katy Perry have been seen to flaunt such a color.
  • Green: Though commonly observed among girls, this hair color brings about a calming and soothing feel to the eyes. It symbolizes nature, renewal, energy, and associated with growth, harmony, and freshness.
  • Purple: This was the go-to shade for punk rockers about a decade ago and still exudes a creative and rebellious vibe today. They look for answers beyond the physical and conventional world.


The hair color that you choose to wear says a lot about your personality and helps you to make a statement without ever uttering a word. What is your current hair color, and what is it saying about you? Use the above-mentioned hair color tips, ideas, and meanings and give a shape to your appearance and personality. Modify your look in a more powerful way.

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